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Yes. We became a 501(c)3 in 2015 and all donations made for service dog education are tax deductible.
We are the only service dog organization in the world with a mission focus on education.
You can use our signup form and check out our volunteer opportunities by clicking here. https://www.volunteermatch.or…search/org852363.jsp
Soon with your help! We need the communities support and are providing transparent progress tracking tools so people can see their money being put to work.
Pilaf was career changed and paired up with a very nice family. She is doing well and is very loved.
We currently have four dogs and therefor have decided to not raise any more pups. We are better suited to bring tools to help others raise right now.
We want to work with many organizations. We have tools to help and we think they will find the tools valuable.
Eli lived for a few more healthy years after Pilaf’s season, but as happens with our beloved pets, he crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2014.
We make it easy to support service dog edutainment by providing donate buttons throughout the website. We also provide a boutique of programs to support based on what you are interested in. Donations are deposited directly through the website into the Growing Up Guide Pup fund.
Or You can send donations via snail mail to: Growing Up Guide Pup P.O. Box 211 Palo Alto, Ca. 94302
We create tools that help empower individuals with life challenges who require dogs. We even provide puppies to organizations in need but we don’t directly supply dogs to individuals by request.
We are designing tools that will help volunteers find organizations to puppy raise for and vise versa.
Patrick was taken out of consideration from guide dog work and he ended up finding his calling in criminal justice. After months of intense training, he got a job working as a k9 unit for a sheriff’s department in the United States.
We will be hiring and delivering on our five outreach programs will require new people to join our team so we can be successful.
Yes we offer people to support us with whatever works for them.
Yes. Send us a email at info@growingupguidepup.mysites.io and we’ll send a copy.
If you have some equipment you think we may need please email us at info@growingupguidepup.mysites.io and we’ll look into it.

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