About Ricki
Ricki was our 10th puppy and the spark for the series Growing Up Guide Pup. She loves swimming, chewing on her nylabones, and making people happy. Our most memorable moments were when she jumped into the pool for the first time because of the encouragement of her mother, and her incredible work ethic while spending time in Las Vegas. In the end, Ricki’s squirrel distraction issue was too much for her to become a guide dog. We really battled whether or not to keep Ricki if she didn’t get the call to another career while at community placement. But when Guide Dogs for the Blind contacted us and said that no one called for Ricki’s services, a new reality struck us for the first time. As we raised Ricki, we strived to prepare her for whatever path she chose to take. In the end we were pleasantly surprised to find out Ricki chose to be with us. Ricki has become part of our family, and we are excited to have her at our side for the future of Growing Up Guide Pup.