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We can’t thank you enough! The girls had an amazing time with you today. I heard several times one of them say, \They are so nice!!\” And as Amie anticipated, the baby chihuahuas left a lasting impression — first thing they mentioned to parents at pick up 🙂 We all learned so much from you. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge about and enthusiasm for guide dogs with us!”
Molly Parker Tapias
Dear Matt,
It’s Bamboo the guide dog again! We have watched the episode several times by now, and think you are a top notch cameraman! You were so close to me when Seth and I were speeding through the masses, WOW. Also, Seth told me he had no idea that you were right next to us filming in our first shot…you are smooth. Of course I told him that’s because his eyes don’t work very good, hahahaha!!!
Seth Webster
Sorry for dropping the ball with your wonderful series. Starting yesterday, I will be playing catch up on the Dogster dog blog, running 5 segments every weekday until we are caught up with your incredible progress. 🙂
Maria Goodavage
Hey guys, I just wanted to share that I will start raising my first guide dog puppy on friday. This show has helped me so much in letting me know what to expect!!
Catherine Huang
Whew! I just caught up on all the episodes. NICE JOB Amie, Matt and (of course) Ricki! Thank you for documenting Ricki’s training. It’s been a good review and I’ve learned some new things.
Loren Wegener
I’m a 13 y/o girl and seriously looking into being a puppy raiser. I have a lot of experience with basic-advanced obedience (my dog knows over 100+ tricks and commands) and I understand this will be a completely different thing and I’m hoping to keep watching your show and learn along the way. Thanks and please keep up the episodes! They’re awesome!
Tori Parker
Hello to the GUGP crew from Wayne and Leader Dog Patriot.
Keep up the fantastic work on your show!
Wayne Scace
Hi im 14, and i am really looking into being a puppy raiser. I think it would teach me good responsibility and I would like to help a blind person be more independent. Thanks for the idea!
Micaela Herman
I’m just writing to show my support and to say I love watching the episodes! I’m working with my first guide…a female yellow lab and she is already 9.5, so time flies!
Good luck with the show!
Natalie Martiniello
I found this show on youtube by accident..and it was the best accident ever :] I’ve always been interested in raising a guide pup. I currently work at a vet clinic and go to school studying art/photography. <–my two biggest passions (art and animals!!)
This series really inspired me to try raising a guide pup sometime in the future.
Annie Chung
I have to thank you so much for your weekly video segments. It is so helpful to see weekly breakdowns of how you guys work. I can’t tell you how valuable the information has been. Thank you for all the work you do in raising these wonderful dogs.
Martine Nelson
I am SO thankful for people like you! What you and others like you do opens up a whole new world to folks like me. 🙂
Paige Mead
Amie and Ricki! What a wonderful discovery it was finding your videos on youtube. I am legally blind and hoping to get a guide dog some day. I’m learning so much from you as I watch and learn about how these amazing dogs grow up. Keep up the great work!
James Polizzi
I love your show and I got my frist Guide dog Val, a Black Lab. Val is doing very well here in Concord, Ca. Today we make or frist trip into San Francisco as a Team to CCSF to sign up for the fall.
Rich Loback
Your videos were very helpful and informative! We decided it is the right choice for us and submitted our application last night!!! So excited!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your videos….I can’t wait to follow you on your next journey! :o)
Lori Verbin Flaum
Great Facebook page and You Tube channel. All the best for the new Pup! I had no idea about this stuff. Cheers from Patrick James Bennett.
Patrick James Bennett
My eleven year old daughter has been showing me Ricki videos for the last few weeks. We’ve been enjoying them all. We are anxiously waiting for when we should be getting our first puppy. Thanks Growing Up Guide Pup!
Joanna Myers
What a great facebook page and show. Our therapy dogs are in awe!!
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