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We implement outreach programs to aid service dog culture health, growth and awareness building

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As the demand for the number of service dogs trained to help people with disabilities grows, we have made it our mission to aid this challenge as well as provide a higher level of understanding about service dog law, service dog etiquette, and service dog puppy raising. As the first service dog organization to have a mission focus on education, we have performed dozens of live talks, published two hundred blogs, produced 17 hours of mastered webisodes, received thousands of service dog quiz results, and worked with many schools, corporations, & foundations .
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We provide a brand of education to effectively, empathetically, and compassionately bridge the gap between the service dog world and the average person walking down the street.

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Matthew T. Chapman
Founder, President, Producer, Director, Web Developer, Host
Amie Chapman
Founder, Executive Director, Licensed RVT, Blogger, Host
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Alice Munley
Blogger, Board Officer
Abi and Buffy
Abi Menon
Vice-Chairman Officer
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Katie Cuppy

Blogger, Board Officer

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Chris Crimi
Graphic Designer
Dominique Times
Dominique Times

E-Newsletter Administrator

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Nidhi Khurana Nalawade
Board Officer
Kash Medical Alert
Trinda Huerta

Service Dog Gear Guru, Podcast Contributor


We have five different outreach programs designed to increase service dog awareness and education.

A more informed community equals a happier and healthier service dog culture.