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View this special follow up blog by Amie Chapman! Adventures in Puppy Raising Part 3: OMG, My Puppy is as Big as Me!  posted January 9

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The need for service dogs is great. Growing Up Guide Pup is proud to help people like you learn about raising the next generation of service dogs.

What is Growing Up Guide Pup?

We use new media and modern technology to raise awareness about service dogs.

Our mission is to educate about service dog raising, service dog training, service dog etiquette, and service dog law. We do this using videos, blogs, quizzes, social media, and public speaking engagements.

Season 3, Episode 1

We introduce our new pup, new season, and new service dog affiliate Guide Dogs of the Desert. Published on August 18, 2015.

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Season 2, Episode 1

Premier episode of the 2nd Season of Growing Up Guide Pup starring Pilaf the guide dog puppy. In this episode Amie prepares the house for the new pup before receiving her at the annual Christmas Guide Dogs for the Blind luncheon.

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Season 1, Episode 1

Amie and Matt get Ricki at 8 weeks old. Ricki adjusts to sleeping in the crate. Ricki takes her first trip to the grocery store.
Published on Feb 14, 2010.

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"Zombie Dog"

Amie and Matt frantically work to figure out a opening intro to use in the new series called Growing Up Guide Pup 2.0. — (2.0 episode 1)

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cyanPawSingleAHi Amie, I just wanted to tell you your last video and interviews in the desert were wonderful! So glad that you are doing these videos and hope that you are doing well.
Deb Nansen
orangePawSingleAHey guys. I would like to say that I applied to Guide Dogs of the Desert, and I don’t think I ever would have started to look into guide dogs in the first place if it weren’t for your first season all those years ago. I’ll be writing an email to you guys a little later, but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much.
Skye Dunfield
pinkPawSingleAI have been watching the videos of Ricki that you have posted on youtube I am kinda new to the blind problem I was informed by my eye doctor that have RP a few years ago I have just started my cane trailing and lets just say I dont like it at all. Watching you videos and the videos of Guide Dogs for the Blind has peaked my interest in a guide dog, seeing how you train them as pups and how they grow up to guide people like me really has made it easy for me to decide that I want a dog for myslef.
Dannon Wright
bluePawSingleAJust wanted to say that you are my main inspiration! Keep up the good work. I am raising a service dog of my own, although not as a guide dog, some of your training techniques have really helped me 🙂 
Hanna Foxx
cyanPawSingleAI have enjoyed GUGP series, it has given me more insite into what it takes to not only raise and train a Service Dog, but also to understand how important it is to always check with the owner/handler when they are working and not to just try to pet them like you would do a regular pet. You and all the Handlers/Trainers deserve a lot of thanks for the very important work that you do. Now when I encounter a working Service Dog I have a lot of respect for both the Dog and his/her Master. Thank you for the great job you do and for the cute and funny pictures/video’s that you do also.
Catherine Hudson
orangePawSingleAI enjoy your videos and posts because I too volunteer for a service dog organization and always enjoy seeing amazing dogs (and people) doing amazing things. Also, it’s inspiring and uplifting.
Debbie Moore Carrico
cyanPawSingleBIt has helped Dave to understand all that I went through before I met him. He definitely has a greater appreciation for me now!
Roman The Guide Dog
pinkPawSingleAs a puppy raiser, GUGP has given me some great new ideas (and reminded me of those I forgot) to try with my puppies in training.
Krista Hall
fuschiaPawSingleAI have learned a lot about training and will be using your clips when I raise a puppy some day.
Twin Abby
orangePawSingleBAs a puppy raiser, I have appreciated you sharing the positives along with the negatives for others to see. What a great witness to GDB you have been.
Karen Auestad Keenan
orangePawSingleAGrowing Up Guide Pup has helped me in many ways as a puppy raiser. One way its helped is it allowed me to see no matter how many pups we raise there are some issues are dogs have we cant fix and thats ok not all dogs are ment to be guide dogs no matter how much we want them to pass. It also allowed me to see how to work on some issues my puppy might have and gave me great ideas for trips. Also when medford became a breeder i was kinda nervous about it but seeing the episode with rickis mom made me realize hard as it would be to say bye breeders have a pretty nice life. But id say the biggest thing was it allowed me to meet other people and share our experiences on your facebook page.
Ashley Carroll
cyanPawSingleBI love and look forward to watching all the gugp shows every week! Olivia my active guide dog loves to snuggle up and watch as well! It has really helped to understand more about what type of training goes on during the puppy raising stage! Love this web series and looking forward to watching more videos and sharing with friends and family!
Emily Trepanier
orangePawSingleAGUGP has given me a lot of great information about rasing a guide dog puppy. I can’t wait to raise one myself!
Megan A. Cahill
fuschiaPawSingleAThis show allowed me a glimpse into the world of raising a puppy that will one day change a persons life dramatically. There are thousands of stories out there that speak of the amazing healing power of dogs, and behind all of those stories are a team of people that gave their time and passion into shaping that dog to be the amazing life changing force it became. Being able to witness this first hand while a thousand miles away is truly fascinating.

Plus, who doesn’t want to see a videos of impossibly cute puppies?

Santiago Fdz
bluePawSingleBGrowing Up Guide Pup has taught me a lot about guide handling and a lot of responsibility of having a guide dog! Thanks Growing Up Guide Pup for giving me the confidence to get a guide dog!
Grace Rose Giberson
orangePawSingleAWhen I first considered raising a puppy, I made sure to watch every episode of GUGP so that I could try to understand what it was about. Watching the episodes helped me understand reality, especially Ricki’s finale song.
Jacquie Peterson
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To demonstrate puppy raising which will inspire more volunteerism for improved service dog numbers, advocate and teach adherence to service dog laws, and aim to raise the level of consciousness to the general public about service dog etiquette and culture.

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