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Dedicated to Increasing the Level of Awareness about Service Dog Culture Worldwide

What is Growing Up Guide Pup?

As the only service dog organization with a mission focus on education, we provide tools to help communities thrive. For a decade we have been working to find a higher level of comprehension about service dog etiquette, service dog law, and service dog puppy raising in order to assist people with disabilities so that they can live a more independent and fulfilling life.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Provide Service Dog Education to Help People with Disabilities Live More Independent and Fulfilling Lives.
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Vision Statement

Our vision is to expand the awareness and increase the number of volunteers, aid, and philanthropy to support the service dog industries growth.

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What We Do

 Service dogs do amazing things to improve the lives of the persons they are assisting. In recent years, the numbers of people using service dogs and the number of services that dogs provide has rapidly expanded. The likelihood of coming in contact with a working service dog team is growing, yet the general public has little appreciation of these wonderful animals, their jobs, or how to interact with the people who use them. Moreover, the demand for an increased number of service dogs trained to help people with disabilities grows. Consequently we have made it our mission is to aid this challenge. We also aim to provide a higher level of  understanding about service dog law, service dog etiquette, and service dog puppy raising to help the service dog industry reach a higher level of consciousness.

All Outreach Programs

Your support is hard at work bringing us closer to our promise of empowering the service dog community.

Service Dog Litter Project

This program will provide service dog puppies to organizations that require aid in obtaining them.

Service Dog PSA Program

This PSA program provides vital education concerning service dog culture, etiquette, and law in a fun…

Service Dog Network Program

This online program brings together service dog users, raisers, volunteers and organizations in order to build…

Service Dog Mixer Program

This program provides fun activities and social experiences in an environment that helps connect and strengthen…

Awareness For Veterinarians Program

This program educates veterinarians & hospital staff on how to serve the service dog community more…


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We have multiple outreach programs designed to increase service dog awareness and public education.

A more informed community equals a happier and healthier service dog culture.

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When I met Matt and Amie several years ago I had no idea in the world that they would open up to me. I have a Mobility Service Dog and have struggled with several issues. With their help, I have overcome these challenges and became a better handler and my SD has grown immensely. They connected me with resources and knowledge I could not find on my own. The Chapman's have become my life line in the service dog industry.
Kelli Heimerl
Amie and Matt have been so inspirational and it was through them that I learned about raising for Brigadoon Service Dogs! I never would have found Brigadoon otherwise, and Growing Up Guide Pups wonderful information and stories pushed me to become a puppy raiser.
Nicki Everett
@Guidedogmaniac You're totally awesome! The one thing I really like about you is how much you and your family care about how you raise guide dog puppies like Ricki. And how they'll succeed in providing tons of freedom and independence for their new owner when they're traveling in the community.

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