Awareness For Veterinarians Program

Showing Veterinary Professionals how their service dog clients differ from other clientele
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Raise funds to educate veterinarian hospitals about proper service dog care.

Veterinary professionals receive little or no education on what makes a service dog different from a pet dog, how they help their handlers, and what the veterinary community can do to help keep that partnership healthy and working.
About Cause
Amie has been working in the veterinary field for over 21 years. During that time she has taken notice that a major majority of her colleagues have very little knowledge of anything related to service dogs. There appears to be little or no education about the topic through academia or available through continuing education avenues. In 2016 Amie gave her first talk on the subject matter of “Service Dogs in the Veterinary Clinic” to a group of veterinary technicians. Before she put together her presentation she did an online survey asking service dog community what their biggest concerns were about taking their service dog to the vet. There was an overwhelming response to the concern of how dogs were handled by the vet staff and a lack of understanding on what their needs were as a client.
What We Do
We have performed many lectures and after every one the feedback is the same. Veterinary professional don’t realize they weren’t educated on this particular subject matter. They were enlightened and thankful that someone took the time to help them understand service dog clients in a different way. There is a great need for us to get this material out to the veterinary world to help make a difference.

About Cause