Service Dog PSA Program

Raising awareness about service dog etiquette and law.

Raise funds to produce service dog centric PSA's

Based on recent surveys, 19% of the general public understands the tasks that a service dog performs, and an overwhelming number believe that service dogs are just pets that an owner wants to take everywhere with them.
About Cause
When armed with knowledge in an approachable, engaging format, the general public can become a community that understands the service dog user. From there doors open, and the users’ quality of life will improve. We have observed that although there are hundreds of service dog organizations, none of them make it a mission focus to educate the public. We are here to address this issue by creating short, highly produced multimedia pieces that raise awareness about service dog culture, etiquette and law. This form of media will prove to be an important and highly effective way of spreading the word and will be designed for sharing with family and friends.
What We Do
With the increase of fraudulant service dogs, emotional support dogs, and bad press, GUGP’s mission and vision is more important than ever to create positive edutainment segments to educate, inform, and create compassion for those afflicted by visible as well as invisible disabilities. People who rely on their service dogs to make it through each day need all of our help . As a result of so much negative attention in the news, empathy is being lost, understanding is being thrown out, assumptions are being made, and individuals with life challenges whose lives are already more difficult are meeting more obstacles to achieving and living out their functional independence through dependency on their canine companion. Let’s bring service dog etiquette and law into the world lexicon and help make lives better than they are today.

About Cause