Service Dog Network Program

Community designed and operated by service dog people for service dog people

Raise funds to support the first service dog network in the world!

The Service Dog Network is dedicated to providing valuable networking tools for service dog organizations, service dog users, and service dog puppy raisers.
About Cause
We bring together puppy-loving volunteers, service dog organizations, and service dog users to give them the confidence and tools needed to raise service dogs, recruit puppy raisers, navigate day to day service dog life and bring together the service dog community to a higher level of togetherness. Fate is offering us opportunity for advancement and we will use this technology to lead the charge into new areas of growth, connectivity and knowledge for service dog people. The goal is to create a predictable network that provides stability and trust the community can count on.
Many service dog schools struggle to maintain their puppy raiser volunteer supply chain. It is a huge issue right now and we have designed a solution that will help. Schools will be able to join the network and use our tools to help them find new puppy raisers.
What We Do
“The Service Dog Network” is the first online community dedicated to service dog people. We will put out topics for round table discussions with our podcast and then a community dialectic will be encouraged. The network will have daily activities, weekly topics , and monthly themes all about service dog issues. The more support the network can get the more we can make a positive impact on helping the community in general.

About Cause