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Boy….does time go by fast these days. It has been awhile since we have posted an update on Spring.

All I can say is that she is an amazing young puppy. She is basically over her car sickness issue, only a couple of incidents over the last month, Woo Hoo!

She is faboulous everywhere she goes, she is very calm and patient but also confident.

She has been into stores, restaurants, schools, and meetings. She has gone for long walks and even went to a Paws to Read event (she was a huge hit with the kids).

Unfortunately she has spent much time with us in the last month.

It first started around the holidays. The clinic I work at is open 24 hours on the holidays so I had to put in some extra hours there. At the home front; Ricki, Eli and Ozzy had some friends staying with us. So the house was a little “busy” for a young pup like Spring, so she spent the holidays with our co-raiser.

After we made it through the crazy holiday season things were just getting back to normal when we noticed our oldest dog Eli  hesitating to jump into the car and on our bed.

We thought that it was a little odd and thought maybe we should have a vet take a look at him and get some x-rays to see if maybe he was starting to get some arthritis and it was beginning to become painful for him to jump up, after all he is approaching 9 years old. He has also been slowing down some on our walks, but thought that he was just getting a little older. Well I brought him to work to take some x-rays and were very shocked at the results. Our Eli has a tumor or lesion that has destroyed part of his hip bone. So far he has had a bone biopsy done and the results contradicted his x-rays, so the biopsy is now being sent to a second lab for a second opinion. We have met with an Oncologist who has prescribed Eli a once a month IV medication to help with his bone pain and help increase his bone density. He had his first dose a couple of days ago and it seems to have made him more painful.  Altough the last few days he seems a little better. We will also be heading up to the UC Davis Veterinary teaching hospital for a consult and talk to them about getting another biopsy done but this time guided by a CT scan. This will hopefully get us the diagnosis we have been looking for. Eli seems to be stumping all the vets I work with along with the Oncologist (who is sending us up to Davis).This Tumor or lesion is in a very unusual spot and have no idea what exactly it is. We really don’t like sharing bad news with everyone, but this is why we haven’t been doing Spring updates, nor find this helpful to continue the ongoing series considering the complications and financial strain.. She has been going back and forth with our co-raiser and another raiser from our puppy group while we deal with Eli recovering from his 1st biopsy and traveling to vet appointments. We of course are very worried about our boy, but also want to make sure Spring is getting the training and attention she needs. Those who raise for GDB know how nice it is to belong to a puppy raising group and have very caring people that you can lean on for help when you need it. We will do our best to keep everyone posted on both Spring and Eli.

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