Making Big Improvements

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Spring has been with us now for a couple of weeks, and everyone who meets here instantly falls in love with her.

eagerness to please, and her happy go lucky attitude, (along with her wagging tail and smile) make it very hard not to want to hug and squeeze her constantly.

She is doing great in the house with our other dogs, but she really seems to like our scruffy terrier mix Ozzy.

They are about the same size, but Spring is going to quickly out grow him very soon. Potty and crate training are going well, but she will protest being put in her crate sometimes when she still wants to be out and play. Her car sickness issue is getting much better. We have been going really slow and we are now able to make quick trips to stores within a 10 minute drive. So far Spring seems to love her short little trips and is very fascinated with the stores.  We are taking this as a really good sign that she will find working fun. That’s our update for now, we are still taking things with her slow, but we are building a very important foundation for her and her progress into the future.

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