August 2013 Update

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Once again it has been way too long since we last updated everyone.

First an update on the show. We are fully committed to bringing the web series back. We have hired a team of people to help us secure funding to get the equipment we need to finish season 2 ( we still have 13 episodes that were shot with Pilaf that need to be edited and posted) before we start season 3.   We also have begun the process of turning our endeavor into a non-profit entity.

Unfortunately, the way we are approaching this philanthropic endeavor takes time and patience.

Next an update on Spring as things are going. She is doing great at her permanent home with our co-raisers. She is getting a repeat ultrasound next week on her heart to see if her heart condition is staying the same or progressing. But so far she seems pretty healthy despite having a heart condition.

Lastly we have an update on Eli, and his health.

A few weeks ago we posted on our Facebook page that it seemed that the tumor on his hip was growing again. What we didn’t inform people about was that we also took x-rays of his lungs at that time too. His chest x-ray showed a possible small tumor on one of his lungs. His oncologist and a radiologist could not be certain of what exactly it was and we were told to re x-ray him a few weeks later. In the mean time we set up an appointment to return to Colorado State University to do another round of radiation treatment on his hip. Just before we left for Colorado last week we repeated his chest x-rays and the one possible tumor had not changed size or shape, but another possible tumor was visible. While we were in Colorado this past week we went ahead and did a new CT scan of his hip and his chest. His tumor on his hip appeared just slightly smaller than last time but unfortunately his chest scan revealed many small tumors throughout both of his lungs. This wasn’t what we were expecting, but we knew it was possible. We were told that Eli’s type of cancer had a 20-25% chance of spreading to other areas of his body, and it looks like he is in that small percentage. We did get him more radiation treatment on his hip to help with the rate of growth and discomfort. Our next step in to try chemotherapy to slow the growth of the tumors in his chest and a slim chance of stabilizing and stopping the growth.  Eli still acts like a normal healthy dog and as long as he handles the treatment given to him well, we will continue to do everything we can to keep him healthy and prolong his life.  But as you can imagine, Eli right now is a priority, and as soon as we secure funding for the show we will finish season 2 which will consist of 35 episodes.   Our quest of getting a new puppy and starting season 3 of the web series will have to wait as we don’t want to add any new stress for Eli. We want to thank everyone for their patience, and support during this difficult year for us.  Stay tuned and we will return.

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