Happy New Year 2014 Update

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Amie and I have been working on bringing back Growing Up Guide Pup for several years now.  People always ask “when is the series coming back?”  I always want to say “tomorrow”, but I have not been able to do that thus far.

Eli is still fighting his situtation with cancer.  He is such a tough boy.  Life keeps throwing challenges at him, and he keeps overcoming them.  We are very proud of him and have documenting his battle on video.  We are not sure what will come of the video project or how much longer Eli will be with us, but at least filming gives me a way to cope and deal with the hard situation at hand.

We have been working hard in many areas to accomplish the return of Growing Up Guide Pup.

Areas that include building a business plan, negotiating distribution opportunities, turning GUGP into a non-profit, and marketing the series to as many places and people as possible.  But most importantly we have been in talks with Guide Dogs for the Blind for several months now.

We are working with Guide Dogs for the Blind to figure out a solution which would allow us to do the series, but also render Guide Dogs for the Blind endorsement and support.  We are fiinding it has been a tough task to negotiate.  We urge all of our supporters of GUGP to encourage GDB to work with us and let them know how important GUGP is to them.

On a recent topic, GUGP has recieved an award from CreaTV for outstanding non-profit feature.

Recently, we also garnished a official selections at the Atlanta Webfest in the non-fiction category.  We may also be going to Vancouver for their first web fest coming up this year.


Stay tuned and don’t give up on Growing Up Guide Pup.  We are not going to stop, but rather keep fighting for the mission.



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