New puppy is coming!

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We just got word that our new puppy will be arriving in a couple of weeks! It will be a little girl and her name will begin with the letter C, lets start guessing names:).

Now this will be a “starter” puppy, which means we will have her until she is between 4-6 months old. Sometimes puppy raisers need an older puppy that has all of its vaccines and already potty trained and that’s where puppy starters come in. Puppy starters get the puppies ready for the next raisers who can then keep them until they are ready for formal training. We decided to do this so we could still be involved with raising a puppy while we continue to try and raise money to continue the show.

Unfortunately we may not be able to film this little girl unless we find a sponsor, but we will be posting pictures and updates as we go.

If people want to help, we exploring the idea of setting up a way for people to sponsor individual episodes , so if interested please contact us.2

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