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If you are not aware, Growing Up Guide Pup screened at LAWEBFest last year.

Not only that, we actually got some recognition and even got an award for best non-fiction web series.  Well, the good news is we are going back in April to Los Angeles to give it another go.

Announcements of the first 50 shows was released last week, and GUGP was in that group of honorees.  We really enjoyed going last year, and made lots of new friends and help spread the word about raising guide pups.  We also were honored to do a panel on how to make a non-fiction web series.  This year we were asked to come back and do another panel, but this time it will be the “How to make a web series” panel.  This is the most popular panel of the festival, so we are honored to be involved and help the progressive evolution of the web series format.

On another note, we have done much discussion with our community field representative about whether or not Pilaf is ready for this trip to LA.

We decided to leave Pilaf in the Bay Area with one of our sitters in the group named Catherine because she is not ready.  She displays a lot of hesitation to new places and environments and we don’t want to push it.  Pilaf is still a young puppy and very sensitive to new surroundings so we will give her a break this time around.

The good news is we have found a temporary replacement for Pilaf so we can bring a pup to represent what we do.

Our leaders Warren and Robin have generously volunteered their guide dog puppy Andretti.  Andretti is a 10 month old yellow labrador male.  He also just so happens to share the same father as Pilaf named Curt.  So we hope having Pilaf’s half brother will keep the fun in the family at least.

So stay tuned and lets hope for another great festival in LA at the LAWEBFest this year!


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