Our first week with Spring

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Our first week with Spring has been short and quiet. She has spent part of the week with our co-raiser Elisabeth because of our busy work schedule over theThanksgiving weekend.

Working at an Emergency Clinic for pets means we don’t get holidays off and we know that it will be extremely busy since all the regular vets in the area are closed. So not exactly the best situation for a band new puppy in the house. Spring is a very sweet and cuddle puppy, I can totally see why someone would request a puppy like her. I have to stop myself from picking her up and holding her all the time. She loves to cuddle and who wouldn’t want to rub that soft golden fur across your face, especially when this little puppy hugs you back. But she will all too soon be too big to keep doing this.

She has been super good in the house and has had very few potty accidents.

Crate training has been a little harder then the potty training. She doesn’t mind going into the crate, as long as you don’t shut the door behind her. She does not like to be separated from you, after all she is a Golden. I am told by Elisabeth that she finally slept through the night for the first time 2 days ago which is awesome. She was waking up every 4 hours wanting to go out and potty, and then she would bark and cry for a bit when she was put back in the crate. She is quieting down much faster now which is great. Unlike when Ricki was a puppy and would cry for almost 1/2 hour each time she was crated. Spring is also doing really well with the other dogs in the house, she is totally leaving them alone. She wants to be around them but isn’t being a bratty puppy and biting on them. This has really helped the other dogs transition to having a new pup around. Our little dog Ozzy is a little jealous though since he is not the “baby” anymore, so he is getting a little extra attention. Ricki and Eli seem totally ok having her here. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to take her anywhere for socialization, her car sickness has continued. She has vomited on 4 of 6 car rides so we have been going real slow introducing her to the car. Hopefully she will get over this problem soon so we can start having some fun adventures, I have a feeling that she will love the world outside the house. Well that’s all for this week, check back next week for another update.

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