The Car Sickness Saga

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Our poor little Spring is still getting car sick.

We believe she has anxiety issues everytime she gets in the car.

Just like last week, Spring has spent about half the week with our co-raiser, and again almost every car ride has resulted in her throwing up, and she even pooped in the car a few times. We have tried working on getting her more comfortable in the car by feeding her.  Other times we have tried playing with her in the car while it wasn’t moving. She is totally fine getting in and hanging out in the car, but unfortunately it seems to be the movement that sets her off.

It also seems like every time we are about to get to our final destination she is going to succeed without any problems.

Then before we are parking, something has been happening frequently.   So this next coming week she will not be traveling anywhere.  She will get to play and eat in the car without it moving, and we will slowly work on getting her used to the car.  First it was just starting the car and letting it idle.  Later on we would only go a few feet and then shut the car off.  All of things are helping, and yet it is not enough.  So she will be on house arrest until she is comfortable enough to travel. Other than the car sickness she is doing really well.  She has great potty habits, and has even gone to the door when she has to go out. She is also getting along with all the other dogs really well, and she is even sleeping through the night in her crate without fussing too much. Update coming next saturday.

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