Phase 6 Here She Comes

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Wow we were really expecting Gabby to stay in Phase 5 for more than a week, but no she decided to surprise us and move up to phase 6 this week! And yes we are night owls and check phase reports at 1:45 in the morning wink emoticon

In phase 6 Gabrielle is learning to work Sidewalkless areas. She is learning to walk a straight line on the left side of the street facing oncoming traffic and learning to respond to intersecting streets and parked cars along her travel line. she is also learning to avoid significant drop offs that mimic subway and rail platform edges. Along with the platform training she is learning to avoid the edges when there is no train present, but boarding and riding trains that are present. She is continuing her obstacle training and obedience training along the way. And don’t think that it is all work and no play, Gabby definitely gets time off to play in the community run with her classmates and trainers, going on leisure campus walks, and cuddle time with volunteers.

We know it is still very early to start getting excited at this point, but our little girl is learning really fast! Do we dare hope to see her in phase 7 already next week? Oh the waiting!

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