Gabby In Phase 5

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Wow is our girl a fast learner, she has already moved into phase 5 this week!

In this phase Gabby is continuing to work on advanced obedience and traffic training. She is also working on advanced guide work training, she is now progressing from suburban areas to urban areas. She is also working on stairs, elevators, tight clearances and slick floors. New work is beginning in San Francisco with more difficult crossings, crowded sidewalks, bus rides, heavy and close traffic, and other outdoor city distractions. She is also working inside stores and malls learning to slow her pace past displays and shoppers, waiting in lines and working past food at various levels. The big new lessons are learning how to board, ride, and exit escalators and Formal traffic training begins. She is also learning how to work past total barricades. And of course everything she has learned up to this point is still being reinforced.
Once again there is so much to learn! we will see where she is next Thursday, but I can imagine she might stay at phase 5 for more than one week because of how complex these tasks are to learn. Go Gabby Go!

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