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After spending over a week at the Guide Dog campus no community placement was found for Ricki.

This means that Ricki is officially retired from being a working dog. Now this was not exactly the news we wanted to hear because we were forced to make a decision on that we really didn’t want to make, keep her for ourselves or rehome her. Of course our hearts told us keep her without a second thought, but there was a lot to consider.

If we keep her will we really be able to raise another puppy, continue the show and have time to give enough attention to all the dogs?

How will Ricki handle me taking another puppy out and leaving her home (after all she is used to being the center of attention)? How will Eli handle another puppy? Are we ready to stop puppy raising (would we really be able to handle a 3rd dog)? These were all the things we had to think about.  We made a decision right before we took Ricki back that as hard as it is saying goodbye, it might be best for all of us if we rehome her.

The family that has her mother Tulin really wanted one of Tulin’s puppies, and we decided that this was a great option for Ricki, a great home where we can visit and still be a part of her life.

Well when we picked Ricki up from the campus she had a say in her future.  She was a little subdued and I thought that she was just tired, after all they keep those dogs pretty busy up there.  Well before we even made it home Ricki got sick and was throwing up, the vet at guide dogs and my vet who saw her both said that it was most likely stress related.  it took almost 2 days for her to start eating and acting like her normal happy self, this absolutely broke our hearts.  It was obvious that Ricki had gotten home sick, literally.  Matt and I had a talk and we decided that we couldn’t stress her out again and make her go through any more big changes.

So we decided we to keep her and ever since she has been doing great!  She loves playing ball and cuddling and we love having her back 🙂 (Eli actually seems really happy to have her back too)

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