New Season of GUGP starring Pilaf!

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So we are really excited to announce that the series is back!  After a six month break, we are back and the series is going to be better than before.

We plan on incorporating the same format, but are also thinking of ways to improve what we are doing.  For one, we have budgeted some new HD equipment which will make the show look better for those watching who can see.  We appreciate the support of all of our fans, and really appreciate how patient everyone has been.  Making the series has been very difficult financially and we needed to figure out a solution.  Thanks to Media-Alliance, we now have fiscal sponsorship and can offer tax deductible donation for our cause.

New episodes will be release every monday throughout Pilaf’s journey.

The best way to watch the show is to go to    If you created an account on here, you can leave comments on our website too.  Of course the show can also be viewed on Youtube through our 2nd Youtube channel, or our fan page on facebook.  Our 2nd channel username is GrowingUpGuidePup.  Our facebook fan page is called GrowingUpGuidePup.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message.


Matt and Amie

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