Gabby on to Phase 4

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Our girl has moved to phase 4 this week and is officially at the halfway point in her formal training.

In phase 4 she is learning intelligent disobedience. Which means that she is learning to make judgments on her own and is expected to refuse a command if it is not safe to do what is asked of her. She is also doing harder obstacle courses that now require problem solving to get through. She is also expected to accept body handling from strangers (this was one area she struggled with while with us). She is also learning about overhead obstacles at this time, after all her partner will be a lot taller than her so she will need to make sure that they don’t bonk their head on anything. Gabby will also be introduced to traffic training. She will be taught how to decide if she needs to stop, back up, or speed up when traffic appoaches. She is also doing more sessions with her trainer under blindfold. So much going on! We are so proud of this girl for getting this far already and can’t wait to see what her future holds.

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