Gabby Moves to Phase 3

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Gabby has been working hard and moved up to Phase 3 this week!  In Phase 3 preliminary testing is done…I hope that she studied really hard.

She is being tested on the obedience commands sit, down, heel, come and stay with distractions present and with only 1 verbal cue.  She also has to demonstrate food refusal and that she is comfortable with body handling.  She is also being tested on working with an instructor blindfolded on an urban/suburban route for ~10 blocks.  She must demonstrate and understand safe guide work skills and focus on her handler and work.  She will also be doing obedience work on this route with distractions.  If she passes these tests she will continue to move on in training. If she doesn’t she will retest when her trainer thinks that she is ready and if she is having some issues with one or more particular skill she will be passed back a phase for additional training.  She is also learning more curb training and it is being incorporated into her route training in town.  She is working on more difficult obstacle training as well.

Wow, puppy college is a lot of work!  Keep up the great work Gabby.

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