LAWEBFest Update!

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Amie and I returned from a trip to Los Angeles for the LAWEBFest 2012.

The LAWEBFest is the first festival dedicated to web shows in the world.  It is a fantastic event for progressive minded filmmakers who understand that the web series format is the entertainment of the future.  We at GUGP believe we are part of a movement of web creators who cannot be ignored by the current Hollywood establishment.  Entertainment is always evolving, and the web series format has such a large upside that we think it will only get stronger as we continue.

Sunday evening was a very good night for GUGP and the awards ceremony was crazy.  Every time we looked, we were getting another award and going back up to the stage.  We took home honors in directing, editing, outstanding host, and outstanding documentary series.  We hope that all of these awards and recognition can help fuel the success and health of our series pushing forward.

Big thanks to all of our supporters and please help spread the word to everyone about our series.


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