Why raise a guide dog?

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We have had so many people ask us “how can you raise a guide dog and then just give them up?”.

You know it is one of those questions that can only be answered once you have gone through the battles of raising.  Amie and i have been raising for half of our adult life now and the answer only seems to get easier and easier for us as we get older.  Nothing has been more rewarding in life than helping other people.

Raising a guide dog can provide that fulfillment to those needing to fulfill an empty heart.  Our freind Seth and his guide dog Bamboo showed us how much a guide dog can change a persons life.  Seth showed us that his life was impacted in such a postive light that he would never be the same again.  He said it was so much more rewarding than he ever could have imagined.

I am often not happy with the world and so much selfishness i see in global business domination, and other corrupt business practice.

People can seem to only care about themselves sometimes.  Corporations and thier constant battle to dominate the business infratructure, sport icons and their constant need for more money, and bigger sports contracts, and how about the entertainment business, and their global domination in the distribution streets available today?

Well…we at GUGP have a desire to show that giving back to the community is important.

I’m a generation X’er.  Lets make change before it is too late in our generation.  I think philanthropy will be the salvation for humanity.  There is only one planet and we are all in this world together.  I believe this is the only way we will be able to survive the long journey of technology and change ahead of us.   We should all ask ourselves “Is what I am doing going to help humanity” or ” is what I am doing selfish, and only a concern for my own self preservation?”   Well I guess we at GUGP are more about helping humanity.  Once a person experiences the joys of helping someone visually impaired with their very own guide dog they will never wonder the joys of giving.  So once again we ask the question “how can you give them back?”…now the answer becomes more clear as we answer “how can you not?”

Written by: Matt Chapman

Creator of Growing Up Guide Pup

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